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Castillo de Canena



Picual, a deep green oil with intense fruitiness of green olives, freshly mowed grass and tomato plants.

Arbequina, a balanced, fruity oil with hints of banana, almond and light touches of ripe apple.

Extra Virgin

Castillo de Canena Olive Oil

Picual, a deep green oil with intense fruitiness of green olives, freshly mowed grass and tomato plants. For this reason, this varietal has a smooth flavor with tastes of artichoke, tomato leaf and apple.

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It also shows a slight bitterness and almond aftertaste. Altogether, it is ideal for salad dressings, tomato soup, cured hams and cheeses, and grilled meats.

For 3000 years, olive oil has played a leading role in our culture and economy, with Jaén seated at the very centre.

It is here where we harvest our olives for producing our highest quality extra virgin olive oil (Picual and Arbequina).

Our olive oil reaches points of sale in over 40 countries worldwide, monitoring the entire production process.

Respect for the environment

We nurture the tree’s natural life cycle, combining traditional wisdom with cutting-edge technology and scrupulous respect for the environment. In this sense, all of the olive trees are totally machine-accessible and the groves equipped with drip fertigation.

The electric power needed to run the orchard is obtained by solar energy plants. Also, the pruning off-cut is used for biomass, and several drought stress control points to maximize use of water. We know that through innovation in the cultivation process, the nuances can make our oils more exquisite and alive.

The Mill

One of the keys to excellence is choosing the perfect moment for picking, when the fruit is at its prime.

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The mechanically picked olives are taken to the almazara in a maximum space of three hours. There, they are cold-milled, always at a temperature of under 22 degrees, using advanced equipment with utmost care.

Once the oil has been separated by natural processes, the new oil is decanted into small drums at our cellar.

The oil stands in these stainless steel drums in an inert atmosphere, by way of nitrogen at a constant temperature.

The bottling is achieved strictly on order, in dark bottles injected with nitrogen to preserve the oils’ characteristics.

Excellence is a habit and working daily with this maxim makes our team increasingly stronger. This is our motivation for choosing the perfect moment, seeking out tiny improvements for each step of the process.

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