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Benefits of taking a shot of olive oil in the morning

May 25, 2022
Why Are People Taking a Shot of Olive Oil in the Morning? If you take a shot on an empty stomach, it can coat the…
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Why Are People Taking a Shot of Olive Oil in the Morning?

If you take a shot on an empty stomach, it can coat the walls of the stomach, improving mobility throughout the colon, and allow smooth bowel movement and digestion. Some people add a splash of lemon juice for benefits like improved digestive health.

Communities around the Mediterranean have been doing this for decades, and the use of olive oil for both nutritious and medicinal properties dates back to as early as Ancient Egypt. Taking a shot of EVOO doesn’t sound incredibly appetizing, but I’m all about dissecting wellness trends and figuring out ways to improve my overall health.

Benefits of olive oil

When it comes to whether or not olive oil is healthy, the rumors are true. Apparently, olive oil is a superfood that contains anti-inflammatory qualities, helps supports the growth of healthy bacteria, and improves brain function. “Olive oil contains polyphenols and a fatty acid profile that may help to diversify healthy gut bacteria and reduce harmful bacteria,” explained Cassie Brown, MS, CHHP. “We need these fats in order to support our cognitive health, proper energy function, and nerve function, and they can help protect against diseases, promote satiety, slow our digestion for proper absorption, help the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and help hydrate and keep our cells proliferating.”

Like other healthy fats, olive oil can help improve your gut’s microbiome. “Healthy fats help your gut absorb certain micronutrients like vitamins A, D, and K, which are key for optimal health,” agreed Tara Bassi, MS, CNS, LDN. It is also very heart-friendly, thanks to its ability to assist in regulating cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Bassi explained that maintaining healthy blood sugar levels can also impact your weight and overall digestive system.

So is the trend worth it?

It is no secret that olive oil is our friend: EVOO makes for a perfect kitchen staple and is great for our everyday diet, but is it necessary to start our mornings with a shot? Brown expressed that there is never a one-size-fits-all approach to treating any symptom, and while there’s a lot of research on the health benefits of olive oil in general, there’s no research backing up that taking a shot of it on an empty stomach is more beneficial.

Instead, she suggested that you can reap the benefits by pouring it on a salad, mixing it in a dressing, or adding it to a smoothie or meal just like you would any other healthy fat. Bassi agreed that just adding some olive oil to your meals throughout the day would be beneficial. However, every body is different, and just because a ritual is not studied does not mean it can’t make you feel good. If you are interested in trying the EVOO shot, it’s probably not harmful to take it in shot form (unless you have certain conditions that affect fat absorption), so talk to your doctor to identify if the extra dose of healthy fats is right for you.