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Best olive oil for cooking

March 23, 2022

Extra virgin olive oil for cooking

Which is the best oil for cooking? Scientists from the University of Granada have come to this unexpected result (Food Chemistry Store). The researchers wanted to know which culinary technique was the best to maintain and increase the benefits of vegetables. And despite all the odds, frying in olive oil was the best option.

In particular, they have shown that French fries are healthier than boiled potatoes, but only if olive oil is used. Actually, scientists showed that frying vegetables moderately in olive oil helps maintain healthy ingredients, polyphenols and antioxidants. In fact, these components help fighting certain types of cancer.

To come to this conclusion, they roasted and cooked potatoes and other vegetables. The result was then analyzed in the laboratory to count the amount of healthy substances they still contained. Vegetables were found to lose these components that went into the water when cooked. On the contrary, she kept vegetables fried in olive oil!

Transfer of polyphenols

In previous similar studies, scientists have shown that when roasted, the oil transfers its polyphenols and antioxidants to foods. Remember that these microparticles are able to fight chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, macular degeneration or Alzheimer’s.

Olive oil for frying

Frying with olive oil has therefore two advantages, healthy substances are not only not lost, but also enriched. And among olive oils, the best oil for frying is EVOO because it has the highest concentration of these substances.

Fewer calories in olive oil

It has also been shown that when frying with olive oil, the food is covered with a light layer of oil. This layer prevents excessive oil from getting into the food, which is not the case with other oils like sunflower oil. This culinary technique could therefore help us lose weight.

Cooking with olive oil

When cooking or frying with olive oil, polyphenols penetrate vegetables more easily. This process takes place at high temperature due to the fatty acids in the oil, which improves its phenol density.

Also, cooking with olive oil is generally healthier because it is more stable at high temperatures and “degenerates” later. This avoids the formation of oxidizing compounds that are harmful to our bodies. However, the “smoke” temperature must not be reached under any circumstances.

The myth that sunflower oil is best cooking oil has fallen!

Note that not all varieties contain the same density of polyphenols and antioxidants and do not behave the same when cooking at high temperatures. You have to choose “resistant” varieties like Picual or Cornicabra because they have a very high concentration or phenol density. This also makes them more resistant to roasts since they can reach higher temperatures but remain stable.

Frying in olive oil

The stability of olive oil therefore depends on the olive from which it comes. But also on the climatic conditions and its degree of ripeness. On the other hand, its stability is directly influenced by its content of linoleic acid and polyphenols.

Extra virgin olive oil Picual and Cornicabra are therefore ideal for cooking and fried foods. On the contrary, we choose Arbequina, Blanqueta or Morisca in cold dishes, vinaigrettes or salads.

In any case, you should not exceed the smoke point for any variety

Extra Virgin olive oil