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December 9, 2022
Table of Contents The 7 Biggest Diet and Weight Loss Myths, and What You Should Do InsteadTravel Anxiety EasedHow Magnesium Helps Fight CancerHow to Use…
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The 7 Biggest Diet and Weight Loss Myths, and What You Should Do Instead

So many people spin their wheels with yo-yo dieting… In fact, most diets fail because people make common mistakes that could easily be averted if only they knew the secrets that the pros know. To help you on your journey, I welcomed back my go-to fitness pro (with more than 20 years of experience as a personal trainer) set the record straight on the biggest and most pervasive weight loss myths. Sal di Stefano is back, breaking it down for us as only he can. Watch the illuminating interview here.

Travel Anxiety Eased

I don’t typically have travel anxiety… in fact I am kind of the opposite, I thrive when I travel (with the exception of long flights, perhaps). However, I know for some people that isn’t the case. Syd and I were just talking about this. She’s traveling to Europe and wanted all my travel tips. I of course recommended Ned’s epic De-Stress Blend. This 1:1 formula of CBD and CBG is made from the world’s purest full spectrum hemp and features a botanical infusion of ashwagandha, cardamom and cinnamon. Syd’s not a big CBD girl which is why I recommended Ned’s De-Stress Blend! Obviously, she’s aware of the code and how she can save 15% but I also want to remind you! Click here or enter code ‘GENIUS’ at checkout to get 15% off. Happy de-stressing!

How Magnesium Helps Fight Cancer

It’s amazing how many essential functions just one mineral can perform. Magnesium is responsible for so many important bodily functions, including immunity. A new study highlights the importance of magnesium for the immune system’s ability to tackle pathogens and cancer cells, through its effect on T cells. T cells can eliminate abnormal or infected cells efficiently only in a magnesium-rich environment. Plus, previous studies have shown that cancerous growths spread faster in the bodies of mice when the animals received a low-magnesium diet. Some of my favorite magnesium-rich foods include pumpkin seeds, almonds, spinach, and cacao, and I also like to supplement with magnesium regularly for added insurance. Read the study release here.

How to Use Food As Medicine

How do you truly use food as medicine? I highly recommend heading over to your YouTube to watch my discussion with the brilliant research scientist, physician, and author Dr. William Li. This is my second conversation with him and it’s a good one. We cover cancer immunotherapy (you may have seen this groundbreaking cancer treatment in the news lately), how to heal a dysfunctional gut, simple ways to reduce bloating and gas, how to improve sleep, the truth about probiotic supplements, and more! Click here to listen.

Big Signs Of Inflammation & How To Reduce It

Inflammation is a term that is vastly misunderstood. It’s tossed around a ton in the wellness realm without much thought and I thought the process—which is completely natural and even beneficial in certain contexts—could use a little more nuance. So, I dedicated one whole episode to inflammation! I highly suggest you watch this video with the brilliant Ryan Greene, DO. We go in deep on inflammation and it’s super eye opening. Click here to watch it.

Top Lies You’re Told About Weight Loss and Nutrition

Even with access to endless health information online, people are still confused about what to eat — and the “diet wars” playing out on social media only adds to the confusion. In my mission to cut through the bull crap and get real answers, I invited MD/PhD student Kevin Bass on the podcast to detangle the many myths and nuances of nutrition research. We discuss whether animal products are healthy or not, optimal fiber intake, veganism and mental health, statins, seed oils, and more. Whether you’re keto, vegan, carnivore, or somewhere in between, Kevin is well-versed in the research and does not hold back in delivering an evidence-based perspective. And please note (since I’ve gotten some comments on this), I do not necessarily agree or endorse Kevin’s stance on all topics (he discusses statins and the role of meat in planetary health, for example), but nonetheless think he brings many important points to the table and was fun to talk to. You can watch the interview here.

How I Get My Hydration On

Hydration is one of those things that sounds so simple — just drink more water, right? Ah, not so fast. Electrolytes are a crucial part of the hydration conversation. We need sodium, potassium, and magnesium to achieve proper fluid balance in our cells, which is key for peak mental and physical performance. But not all electrolyte supplements are created equal. Many have crazy high doses of added sugar and artificial ingredients. LMNT is my go-to electrolyte brand because it has supreme doses of electrolytes without the junk. I drink this stuff almost daily to treat my cells to proper hydration. LMNT is offering my listeners eight single-serving packets FREE with any order. Get yours at DrinkLMNT.com/GENIUSLIFE.

Creatine Supports Cognitive Health

Creatine is a wildly popular supplement in fitness and weight-lifting communities — and it’s not just “bro science.” Studies show that creatine enhances athletic performance, but its benefits for cognitive health deserve a special spotlight, too. A 2022 systematic review and meta-analysis showed that healthy older adults (ages 66 to 76) who took a creatine monohydrate supplement performed significantly better on memory tests than placebo groups. The minimal effective dose was 5 grams, with no additional benefits observed at higher doses. Researchers attributed this outcome to creatine’s positive effect on brain bioenergetics, i.e., premium brain fuel. This paper is not without limitations, but given creatine’s impressive safety profile (and the fact that red meat and seafood are the main food sources), this could give reason for supplementation, especially in vegan and vegetarian populations. Read the full review article here.

Optimal Vitamin D Levels Associated With Less Dementia

Preserving cognitive function is super important, and optimizing your vitamin D status could be another way to do it. Researchers at Tufts University have just discovered a link between vitamin D3 concentrations in brain tissue and the risk of cognitive decline. In the study, subjects with higher vitamin D levels displayed 25 to 33% lower odds of dementia or mild cognitive impairment — yet another reason to prioritize vitamin D. The most efficient way to increase vitamin D levels is through responsible sun exposure. In the winter, when many people have limited access to sunshine, taking a high-quality vitamin D3 supplement becomes even more crucial. Read the study release here.

Walk It Out… How Walking Can Help You Live Longer

A 2022 meta-analysis sought to quantify the benefits of walking by associating daily steps with all-cause mortality (death by any cause). ⁣What the study found was that for people below 60 years old, the lowest risk was seen between 8000 and 10000 steps per day. (For adults over 60, the same benefits were seen at 6000-8000 steps per day.)⁣ The whole “you have to hit 10k steps per day” is actually not based on any real science, and this study showed that you can potentially achieve the most benefit, at least in terms of mortality, at lower step counts—especially for older people.⁣ The meta-analysis involved 50,000 people followed over seven years on average. ⁣The study was observational, so it couldn’t determine whether walking was causally beneficial or simply that healthy people walk more. However, the former is definitely plausible, given all of the benefits I’ve listed!⁣ Read the full article here.

source: Max Lugavere www.maxlugavere.com

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