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Nobleza del Sur Arbequina



Bright green delicate oil, with intense herbaceous and fruit aromas, and balanced bitter and spicy.

Pairs perfectly with fish and shellfish, boiled or grilled, fruit salads, ideal for desserts, sauces and carpaccios.

Store in a cool place, away from light and heat.

SKU: N/A Categories: , , , Excerpt:   Delicate Arbequina, bright green with intense herbaceous and fruit aromas

Nobleza del Sur Arbequina olive oil

Nobleza del Sur Arbequina Premium, bright green delicate oil with intense herbaceous and fruit aromas.

shop nobleza del sur arbequina olive oilSweet fragrances like green apple, banana and green almond.

Balanced bitter and spicy, it reminds the olfactory complexity and persistence over time.

Cold extraction, maximum 4 hours from the harvesting, from 10 to 14 kg of olive for 1L of oil.

Nobleza del Sur Arbequina Premium olive juice pairs perfectly with fish and shellfish, fruit salads,desserts, sauces and carpaccios.

The family olive groves Aceites Nobleza del Sur possess more than 300 hectares of olive fields in Jaén (Andalucía). There, as farmers, we have combined tradition with modernity to obtain the major expression and the best of our cultivations.

Each harvest, we select only the best quality olives in its optimum maturation moment to get intense aromas.

How to store my Nobleza del Sur Arbequina olive oil

Store in a cool place, away from light and heat. Once bottled, olive oil has an 18-24 month shelf life so extra virgin olive oil should be purchased within 12 to 18 months of its harvest date.

How to store olive oil extra virginAlso, it should be used up within six months of opening, but better within 30 to 60 days upon opening.

It is not necessary to refrigerate an unopened bottle of olive oil as long as stored properly.

However, if you won’t be using an opened bottle for several weeks, refrigeration may help preserve the oil.

The optimal storage temperature for olive oil is 60 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Remember, Extra virgin olive oil is fresh-squeezed juice, consequently, extra virgin olive oil is perishable. And, unlike wine, extra virgin olive oil doesn’t improve with age. Don’t save good quality extra virgin olive oil for special occasions, but it’s a fresh product that should be consumed. Moreover, high-quality extra virgin olive oil provides the best health benefits and flavor when it’s fresh.

And protect it from light, because light can deteriorate the quantity and quality of the antioxidants found in olive oil. Therefore, olive oil should be packaged in dark glass or tin for a longer shelf life.