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World's Best Olive Oils (WBOO) is a non profit organization, with the objective to build the ranking of the world's best extra virgin olive oils from the results of the strictest international competitions.

World’s Best Olive Oils (WBOO)

Constituted and supported by leading international professional olive oil tasters and experts. WBOO’s objective is to build the ranking of the world’s best EVOOs from the results of the strictest international extra virgin olive oil competitions.

wbooProducts of premium quality deserve a different recognition and their producers deserve to be supported in and awarded for their efforts.

WBOO tries to execute the most objective and reliable compilation of those results, which follow internationally recognized methods and standards in evaluating the organoleptic properties of the extra virgin olive oils.

Nevertheless our rankings can only reflect the rules and results published or made available to us by the individual competition organizers / committees and obviously also can only reflect the extra virgin olive oils and olive oil mills that have participated in those competitions.

Certainly there a lot more excellent extra virgin olive oils out there in the world. Therefore, the mills can participate or not in these international quality competitions.

We also understand that participating in all or many of these competitions does imply quite a high cost and that especially smaller olive oil mills cannot participate in a large number of competitions.

President of World’s Best Olive Oils:
Heiko Schmidt – olive oil taster and expert.