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Oro del Desierto

A fruit born in the sun of a dry land

The Alonso family of Almeria province in Southern Spain has spent the last century farming lands of the Tabernas Desert, famously known as the only desert in Europe. Oro del Desierto translates to 'Gold of the Desert,' and the oils produced here are truly deserving of the name. The olives create aromatic, well-balanced and uniquely regional oils with qualities that can be produced nowhere else.

Oro del Desierto olive oils

While the desert climate limits the production of Oro del Desierto’s olive trees, the intense landscape contributes to their farm’s organic roots.

shop oro del desierto olive oilHaving achieved success in various businesses involving restaurant and farm properties, Rafael Alonso Aguilera returned to his farming roots on a full-time basis in 1999 after inheriting the family estate.

Since then the Alonso family has focused on consistently producing the highest quality results. They have undoubtedly succeeded, with their quality products recognized and awarded worldwide.

Passed down through 7 generations, the lands of the family estate had almonds, grapes and many old Lechin olive trees comingling for decades.

Organic-Bio olive oil

Rafael breathed new life into the estate by planting young organically-grown olive trees. Many neighbors questioned the decision, but the Alonsos believed using organic practices that respected the land would ultimately produce the best products in return.

The land is a true oasis in the desert. The hot summers and cold winters naturally protect trees from pests and disease. The surrounding mountains also protect the groves from both the elements and from the potential intrusion of pesticides used by conventional farming practices. Solar outposts dot the landscape, and their power feeds not only the mill, but also all the water pumps throughout the estate.

Horses and sheep can often be found grazing on the weeds sprouting between the olive trees. The compost that helps fertilize the farm consists of mill waste, sheep droppings, and other organic materials sourced from the property. The Alonsos are proud to continue the long-standing family traditions of environmentally-friendly farming methods without the use of synthetic fertilizers.

Oro del Desierto Coupage

The flagship oil is the varietal blend Oro del Desierto Coupage. Annually one of the best reviewed and most loved olive oils in the world, the Coupage represents the culmination of all the careful work performed at the farm.

With the desert conditions testing the trees each year, they also test the master miller, Juán José Alonso, who is tasked with creating this perfect varietal blend year after year.

Oro del Desierto Monovarietals

The four olive varieties grown on the estate represent the true taste of Spain: the light and fruity Arbequina; the smooth and mildly sweet Lechín; the medium-intense family favorite Hojiblanca; and the robust and famously high phenolic Picual.