Castillo de Canena

In the hills of the township of Canena, in Spain’s Jaen province in the region of Andalusia. Our olive-producing history dates back to 1780

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For 3000 years, olive oil has played a leading role in our culture and economy, with Jaén seated at the very centre. Our olive groves are cradled in the Valley of the UpperGuadalquivirRiver, between the Cazorla and Mágina mountain chains.

It is here where our family-owned olive trees cover the lovely irrigated farmland and where we harvest our olives for producing our highest quality extra virgin olive oil of classic varietals such as Picual, Arbequina and Royal.

From the careful tending to the trees to the moment the olive oil reaches points of sale in over 40 countries worldwide, we at Castillo de Canena personally monitor the entire production process. It is this care that is our distinguishing feature.